imagesOkay, I already posted this on facebook but I thought I should post it on here too. So here goes:

Sometime last year, I stumbled on a song of Alicia keys which has really found a soft spot in my heart. The song titled “We are here” decries various international issues and important ones at that, which much attention have not been paid to. A masterpiece I think it is!. It is the sort of music that I would start my day with- that I’ve been starting my day with.
It talks about the world doing little on issues that beg at least an iota of attention. The conflict between Gaza and Israel, the issue of the Chibok girls in Nigeria, crises in Iraq, the use of guns in the US and some other issues.
On the idea behind this song, she said “The day I wrote this song, I was sitting in a circle of people of all ages and we were asked, “Why are you here”. Why am I here? This really hit me deep level. I realized no one had ever asked me that question before…”
She has used her talent to satirize the ills of the society. She has also created a movement of the same name and has donated $1,000,000 as charity to twelve organizations. She has taken up some responsibilities and has tried to effect a change in her society.
This should serve as a challenge to us Nigerians and her song should be a poser: why are we here? What do we do to be ambassadors of change? What have we given to our society at large?
I will like us to think within the Nigeria context. What ills does our country have that needs attention and correction, what have we done to effect a change to these anomalies? What have we given back to our dear country? What impact do we make on people we meet? Why indeed are we here?
Sigmund Freud once said “Most people do not really want freedom, because freedom involves responsibility, and most people are frightened of responsibility”. Can we say our phobia for responsibility is why we let ourselves be tamed in a system that could have been better, that we could have made better? We are here to take responsibilities, and one of these responsibilities is to our society. We are always quick to point out and identify the flaws or inconsistencies of others but we don’t pause for any moment and reflect on ourselves. We really don’t think on what we do and how it affects our immediate environment. We are often lost in our own world that we don’t think or care about the world of others. Our country does not always fail in her responsibilities to us; we often fail in our responsibilities to our country. We are here to take up responsibilities. We are here for all of us.
“Unity is strength, when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved” was what Mattie Stepnek said. Instead of wallowing in self- pity on our SUPPOSED failed country, there is more to do. Rather than trading blame on others, why don’t we stand together through these odds? Why don’t we rise united, rather than fall divided; as a saying goes, divided kingdoms are easily conquered.
Let’s take us down some memory lane, not many of us were alive in 1967 to experience the Civil war but we heard stories of it, how destructive it was to the nation at large and it took Nigeria a long time, especially the eastern part of the country to recuperate from the losses incurred during the crisis. It is to be noted that the major cause of the Civil war was as a result of division in the country, the Eastern region of the country made good their threat to secede and form a sovereign country of theirs.
When the Ebola virus was imported into this country, amidst the fear and panic, there stood some sort of unity, health precautions were strictly adhered to and people looked out for one another. Look at where it got us, Ebola is now history in Nigeria. I shudder to think what would have happened if we hadn’t stayed together as one during the vicious fight against this deadly disease. The victory against the menace of the sect, Boko Haram could be realized if we dare put up this positive attitude yet again.
With every passing day, the need for a better Nigeria becomes more imperative, but Nigeria cannot and will not change herself, it is right up to us to change our beloved country, it would be a great development to get back the Giant of Africa that has since gone into exile. What starts with us can change the nation. We are here to make our motherland a better place.

I really wish for a calm and peaceful election. One devoid of any violence or malpractice. I want a repeat of the 1993 general elections which till today is declared as the only  free and fair election the nation has ever conducted. I want to know how it was like to be a Nigerian back then.

These are my wishes and it could only be realised if we want a calm and peaceful election, one devoid of any violence or malpractice. That is why we are here. We are here for all of us. We are here to make a better Nigeria from now till forever and this election could be the key to changing everything for us, our families and our country at large. Our part we must do.

Finally, do continue to pray for the Chibok girls so that they may be found.