This article is not particular to the legal will, rather it is peculiar to the determination you might want to lose when faced with overwhelming challenges, those challenges that tend to test the faith and persistence of individuals. I might not have much experience about life but I know this, it is characterised by ups and downs. It is not always a bed of rose. The certain thing is that when life turns into “a bed of rocks”, it can transform into a bed of roses yet again, the price for this is patience, perseverance and most importantly, the will and determination. The wills you might want to lose…

“Joy is a final year student in engineering and is set to become the first engineer from his village. To celebrate this feat, his father requested him to ask his director for the convocation date so the villagers might come and honour him, but the director said Joy would not graduate that year because he is yet to complete and refused all pleas to grant him more time to complete this project. Well, Joy took the rather easy way out and committed suicide, leaving behind all what he stood for and all that matter to him, including his father” ( From Bollywood’s 3 Idiots).

I will like to make an hypothesis that an average person tend to get tired of life as one does a nagging child in the light of any challenge. Some people would rather just die than man up and face these problems. Even though suicide is against ethics and morals, some people still do it and miss out on the chance to make things right.
Most challenge confronting man is usually caused by man and can be set right by man himself. This won’t happen if he doesn’t man up and forge ahead in a bid to fix this anomaly. Life is so problematic that when problems come, it always tends to make us lose our will to live.
Joy Lobo of 3 idiots would not have died if he had been patient for a little more time, his project would have been completed if he had preserved, and he would have been the son he wanted to be if he hadn’t lost his will to live. But, that’s what life does; it keeps trying to steal this important will to live that only the strong can deny it the opportunity of doing so.

“ Chief Agblowomeeri (one who collects from those who don’t have) is a wealthy man in the city of Olowolayemo (the society knows only the rich). He has set his eyes on a piece of land close to the commercial centre of the city. It happens that this piece of land belong to a poor artisan who refused to sell it irrespective of the amount he was offered. Now, chief Agbalowomeeri is one who wouldn’t take no for an answer an always take whatever he deem fit for himself. The artisan left with no option when the chief’s pressure to forcefully take the land reach an alarming level took the case to court but alas, the land was declared as the chief’s but the corrupt judge out of “pity” advised him to collect whatever sum the chief is ready to give him or lose the land totally without any compensation, either way the land now belongs to the chief. The artisan left with no capacity or means to continue his fight eventually lost his will to fight for his property and collected a meagre sum he wouldn’t have collected if he hadn’t settled for court. The society is afterall for the rich.”
There is a saying that “when the going gets tough, the tough gets going”. This is true to some extent, however there is a difference in how strong we are to one another. People have different ways of dealing with their problems or adapting to changes, while some adapt so great to these changes and fight so ferociously to set things back to how they were, others do not or lack the will to. Others along the way loses the will they have built up over time and just stop fighting and accept things as they are. Everybody has an innate fighting spirit, what matters is how to amass the powers of this weaponry and use it in the war against life when its problems loom.
Life can be so cruel and hostile that you even lose this fighting will. It is common to see people lamenting their fates because they are deprived of something that could have been useful, that they could have fought with. The artisan lacked money and lost his fight against social injustice. How sad!
Lena has always have problems with men. They all seem to be the same- In one moment promise her all she could ever wish for but vanish in the next moment without actually fulfilling any of their promises. She has promised herself not to have any sort of civil or romantical entanglement with any man she ever meets again until one came. He seemed so perfect and gentlemanly that all the suppressed feelings came rushing back in and she thought she could give him a chance. She couldn’t be any more wrong! All seem perfect until she paid an unexpected visit and got to know that the man has a secret- he has a wife and children already. Lena has turned cold to men after this unfortunate development. She can’t afford to be wrong again, she has had enough.”
Many people after coping for a long time with disappointments and heartaches lose all their capacity to love. It is not uncommon to see a gentleman or a lady that swear heaven and earth not to have any sort of romantical relationship because they have nothing to show for their previous relationships. They really can’t be blamed, life can be so cruel, and people can be so cruel. Though, some may forge ahead courageously until their travails are over but others may not. Some may even seek revenge against the class of gender they think wrong them and embark on a destructive mission to break as many hearts as they can and disappoint as many people as they may.
The truth is people who set on this destructive part do not always get the satisfaction they hope for and desire and they continue to have regrets all over their lives and keep getting stuck in the past.
It takes a strong man or woman to defy all odds and live a long full life. They cling to hope and never lose their will. The will is life itself.


Never say Never

Sometimes in life, challenges come and it is very hard to find success or make things right. At these points, we get to a part that makes us want to give up. These periods may be so traumatic that all hope might be lost. In these situations, people, much to their chagrin think it is better not to try at all than try and fail. How wrong could this be? There have been stories of men that went through rough patches but kept going against all odds to have a taste of success, they wanted a taste but what they got is more of a taste, they got the whole “tasty” meal. They wanted to have a comfortable life, but they got life itself. A breakthrough is not far off as long as there is perseverance. It is perfectly normal to hit points of negativity when it seems all is impossible, at this stage; the thought of giving up becomes paramount and easy, so easy that it seems like the best thing to do. But giving up make us miss out on positive results and what comes with that is nothing but regrets. It is worthy of note that no matter how soon, regrets are always too late. It takes much iteration to achieve positive results. If we can see every foiled attempt as a challenge and forge ahead with the sole aim of achieving our set goals, it might be worth it. The two brothers that invented Aeroplane had to make do with so many disappointments but they didn’t see every iteration as a failure but rather a way of improving themselves because each test gave them new information which went a long way in improving their next model until they found one which worked and changed everything. Now, their names will forever be in the books of history. Not getting it right at the first or subsequent tries is not a sign to quit but it is simply a way to keep learning and knowing how to do it better. If birds can fly, why can’t we? Everybody knows that instant success is nothing but a myth. Nobody rises to fame overnight but there have been stories of people who hit the limelight in a flash. This is not always true, what looks like a sudden rise to fame is always preceded by tons of hard work or struggle. The journey to success is a long hard one, but when it “clicks”, we tend to focus on the last mile and forget all pains and difficulties experienced during the course of the rigorous journey. Life doesn’t work with myths, it works with actual facts and instant success is a myth which will be better not to dwell on. It only leads to frustration. Pablo Picasso said “Action is the foundational key to all success”. Anything worthwhile requires a great deal of action. Humans as shown like easy and comfortable things but nothing is easy on this earth. Anything we boast to have taken us at least an iota of effort to get. But sometimes our laziness get the better of us and make us do things that we ordinary would not have done and this bring the effect of trying to give up because we shrink from the effort and try and convince ourselves that we don’t need that goal. The truth is, if something is left undone, another person will see it and get it done. The world only knows whoever finishes a task, not the one who started it. To get up, do not give up. The diamonds are close, continue digging. Finally, it is probably best to know that the past does little to determine the future. The fact that we experienced failure at one point of our lives does not mean the future holds the same fate. Abraham Lincoln as a model faced many challenges in his political and personal life, but the last thing he did was give up, it was never for once an option. Gradually, he started to rise in the political hierarchy of the United States of America and became by far, one of the greatest presidents the world has ever known. He did not let his past overshadow his future, he did not let his failures mar his potentials. He never did give up, he knew giving up does more harm than good and he did  just well to avoid that. Let whatever is in the past stay in the past. Every new day signifies a new beginning.